San Francisco Bayview Restaurateur Provides Community Support

Bayview Restauranteur and Friend of The SF Shipyard Wins Jefferson Award for Public Service.

Bayview resident and restauranteur Kristin Houk was the recent recipient of the Bay Area Jefferson Award of public service. The owner of Tato, All Good Pizza and Café Alma, three local eateries in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhoods, was recognized for her various community contributions.

Providing more than just delicious and locally-sourced food, Houk has offered active support for local nonprofits by allowing them to use her business locations for developing their businesses and community outreach, as well as participation in mentorships focused on women and people of color-led businesses.

Discover her restaurants located a short distance from the new homes at The SF Shipyard, with the closest being Café Alma, less than a half mile away.

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